Självjusterande topprullager med stopp 5T000STP


Artikelnr: 5T000STP


The 5T000 series bearings are low-cost self-aligning top bearings for light to medium loaded applications. As there is no aluminium inner housing between the rollers and the ball, the working load is lower that the 4SF000 type bearings. These bearings can be used in applications with relative bigger diameter rudder shafts like aluminium and carbon rudders. This type of top bearing can also be used on tiller steered boats. The rudder head will rest on the delrin ring, achieving on this way the vertical locking. A special type of the 5T000 series bearing (5T…STP) with integral stops in combination with our tiller heads is available in 35, 40 and 50 mm. When the yacht has a steering system, a locking ring on top of the bearing will take care of the vertical locking. The disadvantage of this bearing is the fact that the top of the rudder stock and locking ring will stand out above deck. If this is not acceptable, one should choose the bearing type 4S000Z.

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