Extend the boating life with a bowsprit

Sometimes it feels hopelessly far to the dock. It is either too high up or too little space for your feet when getting on and off the boat. The shape of the bow might be the problem, as well as the position of the anchor or the gap between the boat and dock. A bowsprit does not only enhance the looks of your boat but offers a practical solution at the same time. The bowsprits designed for powerboats can well be combined with Båtsystem’s ladders and pulpits, for maximum accessibility and safety. Integrate the anchors either with an anchor roller on the bowsprit or built over or around existing anchor fitting, You gain that extra step for an easy and safe way onboard.

With the right equipment onboard, boating will be even more fun and safe.  A bowsprit makes boarding from a low pontoon or low dock a simple task. A ladder on the side, at the stern or at the bow makes the boat accessible from any direction.

Any questions about what fits your boat? Do not hesitate on contacting us for further assistance. Also, do not forget to visit our gallery for inspiration and mounting suggestions.