Art. No: ST135
 Bow ladder for safe boarding and disembarking
Unique design with rear-angled struts, specially designed to fit boats with pulpits placed far back on the boat. Mounted with fittings attach directly to the pulpit or adjustable pulpit fittings ( P1066). An adjustable strut is set against the stem at an angle and length that suits your boat.
Three flat steps for ultimate reach and comfort. The last step is foldable for a practical length adjustment. Easy to hang on and off as wanted.
Made of acid-proof AiSi 316 stainless steel and hand polished for the best finish




Installation guide

  • Length: 740 mm
  • Length, folded: 440 mm
  • Width: 320-450 mm
  • Depth: 550 mm
  • Length, strut: 100-350 mm
  • Steps: 3
  • Material: AISI316 steel
  • Fittings: Hook