Art. No: ST110SN
Bow ladder, easy to hang on and off
Is hanged in keyhole fittings mounted on deck or the bowsprit. Adjustable struts are set against the bow at an angle and length suitable for your boat. Four flat steps for comfort and ultimate reach. The last step can be folded up, making the steps easy to customize as needed and easy to store. Keyhole fittings for mounting are included.
Made of acid-proof AiSi 316 stainless steel and hand polished for the best finish. fitting P1013 and P1071 is included. 


  • Length: 1050 mm
  • Length, folded: 780 mm
  • Width: 290 mm
  • Depth: 212 mm
  • Length, strut: 350-1000 mm
  • Steps: 3
  • Material: AISI316 steel
  • Fitting: Keyhole fitting, Ø62 mm & Ø70 mm