Side Ladder with foldabel handles

Art. No: SL65R SL95R SL150R


Båtsytem’s popular side-ladders have been upgraded with turnable handles for easy storage after use. It even fits into a smart bag to avoid scratches when storing under deck.

Many sailors access their boats from the bow or the stern, but there are important occasions you really want to embark from the sides at the widest point of your boat. Possibly you already have a gate in your lifeline at this point? Marinas all over the world offer berths against low floating pontoons from which it can be a challenge to embark. When anchored in swell, getting onboard from the dinghy at the stern can become dangerously impossible. You might need to reach down to water level in order to get a rope around a low mooring buoy. Or, in worst case, this might be the only mean to support a man overboard by attaching the halyard around the casualty. Etc.

The solution lies in an easy to stow sturdy stainless steel ladder with foldable handles. A well built solid ladder turns the act of getting on- or off your boat from the side into a safe and effortless  ask.
Båtsystem’s side ladder is made out of acid-proof 316 steel and is easily hanged on and off the deck whenever needed. Sturdy handrails facilitate the climb and especially the descent. The ladder comes in a variety of lengths suiting most types of  boats, both sailing as well as power cruisers with high freeboards.



Press release: Side ladder 2020