Nova, 30°

Art. No: 9472c 9472v 9472g

Spread light

Our popular lighting series Nova gives you the latest in LED technology. Exciting features and an amazing warm light. A classic round design with a stylish luminaire and slightly rounded edges.

Nova Power LED has high-efficiency diodes that provide a high-intensity light compared to power consumption. A unique design that allows the lamp to generate a minimum of heat and with a built-in depth of only 10 mm. Choose between two models; 50 ° or 30 ° light scattering. Nova 50 ° is suitable for general lighting at places where the ceiling is lower. Nova 30 ° elevates and creates contrasts like spotlights. By mixing lamps with different degrees of light scattering, it is possible to create exciting and activity-oriented lighting.

Complete with a LED dimmer for the best possible effect and function.

  • 30° lens
  • Available in chrome, white and gold
  • 240 lumens
  • Power consumption is only 3,3W
  • Light source: CREE Power LED
  • Light scattering: 30°
  • Volt: 8-30V
  • Power: 3,3W
  • Lumen: 240 lm
  • Kelvin: 3000
  • CRI: >80
  • IP-class: IP21
  • Dimmable:
  • Switch: