Art. No: BD1208c BD1208ms BD1208v BD1208b BD1208ss

Dimmer for LED tape

LED tape is becoming more and more common in boats. With a dimmer connected to the tape, you can create a both a functional and activity-oriented lighting environment onboard. To fade the tape in the best way, a powerful dimmer is required. Neptune is specially designed to dim 12V LED lights. It is supplied as a kit with a switch and a dimmer unit. The unit is mounted in connection with the switch.


  • Rotary switch
  • Separate dimmer unit
  • In: 12-28V
  • Out: 12-24V
  • Max power: 100W
  • Max ampere: 8A



Installation guide

  • Height: 60 mm
  • Width: 60 mm
  • Recess depth: 20 mm
  • Dimmer unit: Ø54 mm
  • IP-class: IP21