Art. No: MP90

Functional powerboat bowsprit with full tread surface

Recommended for powerboats 32-45 ft. A full tread surface with a possibility to supplement with anchor roller or attach to an existing anchor holder. Attach with struts and two customizable universal fittings that can be twisted and angled to fit all shapes of rounded, sloping and angled surfaces of the bow. For mounting on to existing anchor holders, use universal fittings ( P1091). In this manner, the strength of the anchor holder is utilized and the bowsprit does not need to be supplemented with additional struts. As for accessories, there are straight extensions ( P1010) if the bowsprit needs to be raised, as well as angled extensions ( P1085) for vertical adjustment of the universal fittings.
Complete with a ladder for optimal comfort. Our ladders in casing and hook ladders can be combined with the stem anchor.
Made of acid-proof AiSi 316 stainless steel, as well as teak of the highest quality.



Mounting instruction

Suitable products for MP90 are listed below!

  • Length: 850 mm
  • Width: 440 mm
  • Height: 170 mm
  • Pipe dimension: 32 mm
  • Fittings: Universal fittings
  • Mounting on to existing anchor holder:
  • Ladder in casing:
  • Hook ladder: