Art. No: DV42kit

A complete davit kit

Everything you need for a safe and easy handling of the dinghy. A strong, smooth and reliable davit that makes the life with a dinghy easier and more enjoyable. It only uses pulling and pushing forces, which makes the davits able to move vertically and horizontally and keep the dinghy steady hanging. Therefore, a dinghy can be lifted over and past, for example, a bathing platform.


  • Two davit arms, with pipe dimension of 42 mm. Can together handle a max load of 300 kg (150 kg/arm).
  • Two set of blocks. Including ropes.
  • Two fittings for a straight stern

Made of AiSi 316 stainless steel with block and ropes of the highest quality.


Mounting instructions

  • Max weight: 150 kg /dävertarm
  • Fittings: 307 x 160 mm
  • For straight stern:
  • Blocks: