The Pleasant Light Onboard

Create atmosphere onboard

Have you ever thought of what light design can mean to ambiance, atmosphere, coziness, comfort and the feeling of space?

LED technology has resulted in completely new types of light sources giving a beautiful light. It goes without saying that LED’s only consume a fraction of the power previously needed for halogen lights. Design your own boat interior, lit up your decks or even the water from underneath!

By means of indirect light and using our state of the art light sources, a homey feeling of space is created Discover our wide range of lighting and be inspired by exciting and new ways to light up your boat!

Lighting Design


To create a feeling of space and volume, illuminate the
edges of your cabin with LED tape, profiles or minisleeve – small energy efficient diodes in adjustable lengths. The individual light sources shouldn’t be seen, but the surrounding environment they are supposed to illuminate. Hide the light sources behind edges in the boat, or mount extra profiles with slits for LED tape, when needed. Get inspired by aircraft cabin design, where the homogeneous light illuminates the edges, to avoid light dots and accomplish a smooth distributed light. That kind of luminous environment is what we try to obtain when designing interior boat lights. While illuminating the sides of the cabin, take extra notice to dark corners and hidden areas, such as inside or under cupboards. By avoiding dark holes you enhance the feeling of space radically. Don’t forget to define the ceiling and flooring, e.g. with a light over the main bulkhead and strings along the floor. Dimmed floored lights also make a perfect nightlight, while at anchor or in marinas.


With LED, you don’t have to worry about power consumption. Many light sources can be used at the same time, without wasting too much energy. On the contrary, it’s hard to find a more cost-efficient way to make your boat interior nice and comfortable. With plenty of small light sources and dimmers, you can achieve a unique light that can be varied, according to the atmosphere, hour and what you’re up to. Look at the interior as a theatrical stage, where you can set the mood by using dimmers. Use several dimmers to adjust the light intensity, depending on what feeling you want to create or if you need to adjust the light intensity.

The eye is drawn to light spots. Choose carefully what
you want to highlight and use spotlights, to illuminate for instance the worktop in the galley or a painting on the bulkhead. Place one or two spot beam power-LED’s as down light from the ceiling. As the spots shine onto the wooden salon table, it will reflect its warm tones back onto the ceiling. To allow true wooden colors to be reflected, an LED with a high Colour Reflection Index (CRI) is needed. These spot beams also give a great working light on the table. And dimmed down, they give a pleasant light for dining. On the outside, you can create flashy special effects, e.g. with dots on deck areas or underwater lights. These solutions will give your boat a personal appearance, and spread a fascinating glow when it’s dark.


Different types of lighting that can be adjusted by dimmers, give you a functional and activity-oriented luminous environment. Whether you read your nautical chart, cook dinner or relax with a book in the comfortable salon, you can adjust light intensity and atmosphere. Reading lights and high-end salon lights both work as functional lighting and might also improve the interior design. Use functional LED
lighting in places that require to be lit up to a maximum, such as the engine room, cupboards, anchor lift compartments or deck lights. For night sailing, LED lighting that is inter-switchable between red and white are useful, placed at strategic places.