10 steps to fantastic lighting

Renew your boat – without rebuilding it! With our LED lighting, you get a personal touch and a variety of smart features that enhance the experience. The right lighting creates space, enhances design and makes it easy to change the atmosphere on board.

Discover how you can use lighting to enchance the experience onboard!

1. Indirect lights

To illuminate the edges of the cabin is an effective way to create volume and a sense of space. Striplights and LED tape are easy to adjust to the lengths you need and to bend around edges and moldings. They also provide a homogeneous and even light without leaving individual and visual bright spots. Keep in mind that the light source should not be visible, but only the specific areas they are suppose to light up! Place them in a list or plastic profile for a nice and discreet result.



2. Define the room

It is not just the sides of the cabin that can be illuminated with indirect light. The ceiling and the floor should also be defined with lights or stripligts along the floor. Striplights and LED tape make it possible to create a cozy atmosphere and lighting that easily can be customized as needed. For example, lights along the floor is both effective and perfect during the night shift.


3. Illuminate dark areas

Be particularly careful with dark areas and corners. By integrating lighting in cabinets, storage compartments or bulkhead, these dark "holes" are eliminated and the sense of spaceis amplified. Because the LED generates very little heat, it is perfect for mounting in small and narrow spaces.



4. Spread the warmth

Spotlights in the ceiling can be usead as downlights to illuminate the wood on the lounge table, which in turn spreads its warm tones back on to the ceiling. For the genuine wood colors to be reflected, a LED with a high color reflection index (CRI) should be used. This spotlight also provides a good working light on the table and when immersed, they are the ultimate lighting during meals.



5. Illuminate key areas

Illuminate what matters. The eye is drawn to bright spots, so carefully choose what to put focus on. Use our angled spotlights to illuminate for example the  våra vinklingsbara spotlight för att ljussätta exempelvis countertop in the kitchenette, the table in the lounge or a painting on the bulkhead.


6. Decorative lights

So far, we have talked about how you decorate with light and lighting, and also how to completely avoid displaying any of the light sources. However, lighting like ceiling fittings and reading lamps is difficult to conceal and integrate. Therefore, choose lighting that both looks good and makes you see better. Choose a pair of high-end salon lights or reading lamps that enhances the decor.


7. Dimmers

An invaluable tip when it comes to lighting is to use dimmers - on everything. Create your own atmosphere using dimmers, just like in a theater scene. Depending on your mood or task, you get lighting that can be customized for working in the kitchen, eating or just relaxing with a book in the cozy lounge.


8. Nightlighting

Choose LED lighting that can be switched between warm white and red light. The red light is gentle for the dark vision and therefore an excellent feature to integrate into the boat's general lighting. Place them strategically in the ceilingf and at the chart table where they are easy to reach and provide the best effect when sailing at night. Dimmed floor lamps will be a perfect night lamp - even when you're in anchor or in a harbor


9. Functional lighting

Use lights and functional LEDs in areas that needs to be illuminated at its maximum, for example the engine room and cabinets. These areas are often tight and difficult to access and therefore you want them to be illuminated. In our product range, you will find functional lights with lots of smart fasteners and features that fit both the wardrobe and the dark engine room.


10. Effect lighting

Effect lighting gives the little extra and creates a personal touch on the boat. Our effect lighting also has many exciting features that combine both function and fashion. For example, you can put lights under the stairs for a nice effect, but it will also be easier to see the steps at night. Place small red dots along the floor that enhance the sense of a snug atmosphere and also function as night lighting.  Effect lights on deck is also a good mood enhancer, that will surely draw all eyes to your boat in the harbor!