Create atmosphere onboard

Illuminate what really matters

Have you ever thought of what light design can mean to ambiance, atmosphere, coziness, comfort and the feeling of space?

LED technology has resulted in completely new types of light sources giving a beautiful light. It goes without saying that LED’s only consume a fraction of the power previously needed for halogen lights. Design your own boat interior, lit up your decks or even the water from underneath!

Buy means of indirect light and using our state of the art light sources, a homey feeling of space is created Discover our wide range of lighting and be inspired by exciting and new ways to light up your boat!

 Light up your boat - the perfect winter project

Renew your boat with light

It is hard to find a more cost effective way to make the boat snug and cozy. Create a personal touch while you also get the functions you desire: nightlights along the floor, ceiling lights that give white or red light, angled spotlights that makes reading in darker areas more enjoyable or why not lit up a picture, that then indirectly fills your salon with light?


You may wish to begin with just replacing your existing halogen bulbs with our LED light sources, which give a beautiful light. As a second step, you may wish to enhance the experience by means of LED tapes giving stunning indirect lighting.


Below, you find some tips, instruction videos, and inspiration for the upcoming project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want more tips and ideas on how to lighten up your boat to new dimensions.

Things to consider before the project


1. Use dimmers
Dimmers provide the possibility to alter between a bright working light and a cozier night light. Adjust the light according to your needs and use the dimmers as a volume button on your stereo. Similar to a theatre scene, you can create the most beautiful atmospheres following your mood or time of the day.


2. Many small light sources
Many small light sources instead of a few big ones enhance the feeling of coziness. Observe how a cozy pub is able to create a homey feeling by following this advice and compare this to a bright office environment with a few very strong floodlights. Many small light sources further give you more flexibility in order to create just the right ambiance you are looking for. Highlight objects and create contrasts onboard.


3. Integrate the light
LED Tape hidden behind lists or backrests as well as tiltable spotlights in the ceiling give indirect light. They light up walls, the floor, the bulkhead, cupboards, galley work-areas or the salon table without being visible. Compare with a theatre scene, where the invisible spotlights lit up the stage set and actors. Indirect light creates a feeling of space and beautiful contrasts. It also creates a practical working light where you need it the most.


4. Test, test, test

Experiment with light. Use existing luminaire or a flashlight to try out angles and locations in the boat. Direct spotlights onto items, shelves, pictures etc, that you want to highlight and create space by means of indirect light.

Get started

Ways to light up the boat

Review your existing luminaires in the boat and replace them with modern LED lighting. Keep in mind that it is not the amount of lights that creates space and atmosphere, but how these are strategically positioned. The right lighting creates space, enhances design and makes it easy to change the atmosphere on board.


Get inspired by the lighting projects below.

Omega 36

A classic in a new light

A classic boat in a new light

A classic boat, appreciated for its good sailing characteristics, space and design. A boat still loved by many, but like many older models, has limited and outdated lighting. The galley and salon is built in mahogany, which easily gives a dark and mellow impression. With energy-efficient LED lighting along the floor and cupboards, new ceiling luminaires and LED-Tape, this classic boat comes back to life.

Marell 850WA

Rethinking from the start

Good lighting - a priority

Marell manufactures aluminum boats with a robust design, built to handle the toughest weather conditions. Good LED design was an obvious priority while designing the Marell 850W. Our luminaires can be found both inside and outside the boat's roof and on deck, as well as above the dashboard. Check out the Marell 850WA slideshow below for inspiration and ideas!