Indirect lighting

Hidden lights create a feeling of space and atmosphere.

LED-technology creates opportunities to design your own lighting onboard, while the power consumption is considerably lower than traditional halogen lamps. With indirect lighting, a feeling of space is created and the atmosphere onboard is enhanced. It’s easier than you think!


By using many small light sources a unique light is obtained, which can be varied as needed depending on the desired effect. The dark edges in the salon are lit up by mounting LED-tape behind lists, backrests, moldings, inside cupboards and other storage compartments. The indirect light then creates volume and a nice contrast, while you also get a functional light exactly where needed.


Keep in mind that the light source should, if possible, not be visible. The effect of indirect light is obtained by illuminating the surfaces evenly, avoiding bright spots or light dots.


Mini Sleeve is a thin, flexible LEDtape, that can be used to create space and atmosphere onboard.


-smart mounting for the Mini Sleeve

Mahogany profiles, which make mounting of the Mini Sleeve and LED tape easy, in order to achieve a smooth and discreet result. The profiles are mounted with the slits in desired direction
indirect lighting

LED tape is a smart and effective technique to create space and atmosphere onboard. Many sources of light create a unique light that can be varied depending on the effect you want to achieve. Illuminate the edges of your cabin to create space and volume.

Our popular high CRI LED-tape is available in four temperatures 2400 K, 2700 K, 3100 K and 4000 K.


Smart mounting of the LED tape that
provides a more even light and protects
the tape. Available in plastic or
mahogny, both with milky lenses.