Dinghy on board

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The easy way on board

Båtsystem is a leading specialist in creating solutions for comfortable and safe boarding and disembarking for the crew, pets, and equipment.


We have the products that lift the dinghy, the outboard or your heavy shopping.

  • Practical davits in several different models
  • Cranes that facilitate the handling of the outboard engine, your shopping or other heavy equipment
  • Ladders to safely return onboard from the water


Give the dinghy a lift

Do you still pull your dinghy behind your boat? Does your dinghy lie onto the foredeck hatch and thus block the ever so important emergency exit? Or do you pull it up standing on the stern bathing platform? For sure, a dinghy is a popular accessory. To have one enhances your freedom, but storing the same is often a challenge.


With davits, you will always have your dinghy readily available off the stern, even in an unforeseeable emergency situation.

As simple as it is brilliant

Fixed davits are often a nuisance, enlarging your total boat length and the harbor fee that comes with it. The stern might need a reinforcement to withstand the considerable torque traditional fixed davits produce.


Not so with Båtsystem’s smart, elegant, removable davits producing nothing but pulling and pushing forces! Yet, they are strong enough to hold up to 150 kg - per davit that is!


Our davits have hinged mountings on the transom. A simple and ingenious design allows the dinghy to move forward when hoisted and moved aft when lowered. Boarding is made easy when launched and a better weight distribution is given while hoisted.


Boarding and disembarking are further made easy thanks to the fact that the dinghy is hanging on very short ropes, avoiding any possible sideway movements while launched. Entering your dinghy or getting onboard your boat has never been easier!


Do you want to know more about how our davits work?
Take a look at our videos!


Complete davit-kits

With our complete davit-kits you get everything you need for a smart, sleek and practical solution for the dinghy. The davits come in pairs and in three different sizes - 50 kg, 100 kg or 150 kg / davit. Two type of fittings are offered for both straight or angled sterns.


Included in the kit is

  • A pair of davits
  • Fittings for either straight or angled sterns
  • Complete set of blocks with ropes.




For an easier and safer lift

Let the crane do the job

Boating often entails heavy lifts. Hoistingthe outboard is a good example of an unhealthy lift if done manually. With our crane the lift becomes easy!

Modern and powerful 4-stroke outboards becoming increasingly common. These are considerably heavier than the previous 2-stroke engines.


However, an outboard is not the only piece of equipment that you may wish to lift onboard from a dinghy or a pontoon. Even thumps, bags or spare parts may benefit from a smooth solution to get it on board.


Our flexible and practical crane is made entirely of stainless steel of the highest quality. It can handle up to 50 kg.

Crane 42

A smart construction with rod coupling makes the crane rotable in 360°.The crane’s arm can easily be mounted and dismantled as desired.



Comes complete with

  • Seldén blocks and rope
  • Fittings for pulpit and deck