Courtesy light

Give your boat the little extra

Courtesy lights create a personal touch and, at the same time, offer smart features enhancing the boating experience as well as safety onboard. We have a lot of exciting lighting options that are both functional, as well as fashionable.


For example, lights under the stairs create a nice effect, but it also makes it easier to see the steps in the dark. Steplights or MiniSleeve along the floor provide a cozy atmosphere, but they also function as night lights at the same time, especially when dimmed down. Effect lights on deck act as a great mood enhancer and will surely draw all eyes to your boat in the harbor! Courtesy lights will also make working on deck at night safer.


Almost all of our effect lights are watertight (IP66), which gives ample opportunity to create a moody and perfect lighting for all occasions, even in an environment exposed to water and humidity.

Striking internally and externally

Watertightness allows for endless opportunities to create and change the atmosphere onboard to whatever light you wish to create, even in environments exposed to water and humidity.

  • Integrated spotlights on deck
  • Inserted dots in the cockpit
  • LedRails in the boom

Illuminate your boat and the surrounding water to create ambiance and spectacular impressions around the boat or the jetty.

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