The new Nova with Bluetooth

Our new Nova with Bluetooth allows you to control your lights from a Smartphone.

Tone down the white light as the evening comes, and add more of the warm golden light to give the boat a warm, welcoming feeling. With the simple color palettes in the app, you can adjust the temperature of the light according to your needs and desire. Dim or increase the light intensity or divide the lights into groups to control only some of them - The new Nova gives a lot of options. Up to 7 lights can be connected.

The app from which the lights are controlled is called iMagic CCT and can be downloaded from AppStore or Google Play.

Easy to change

The new spotlight has the same looks and size as the popular Nova, which makes it easy to change from the existing light to the new smart light. It also has a memory function which means it retains preset settings and reboots accordingly. Choose temperature and brightness and get back to it instantly as soon as you switch the light on again. The new Nova is available in the same colors as the existing model.