The easy way on board

Discover our new exciting concept


We at Båtsystem are specialists in finding solutions for easy ways on and off the boat for both you and your equipment.

Here you will find ladders that take you all the way up on the boat, bowsprits and stern platforms that make it easier to come ashore, and davits that help you to keep the dinghy in place. We have equipment and accessories for all situations and for the whole family - old and young as well as the dog.


Discover our exciting concept and let yourself be inspired by an easier, safer and more comfortable boating life!

Safe and comfortable boarding and disembarking is essential!

Take the Easy Way Onboard by using our sturdy and well-designed boarding equipment! Båtsystem is leading the development in good boarding equipment assuring comfort, convenience, and accessibility. Price, design and good quality are essential. Båtsystem is also leading the development of rules and certification of, for instance, safety ladders. For safety reasons, this certification stipulates the installation of boarding equipment that all yards have to follow.

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